Frequently asked questions

  • What does a vehicle broker do?

    A vehicle broker allows you to buy or lease virtually any new or used vehicle for potentially thousands less than the dealer's absolute lowest price. Vehicle Brokers pool your purchase together with other buyers to gain bulk discounts from the dealers that are then passed back to you.

  • How do I use a Tasman broker?

    There's no such thing as a great deal on the wrong car so the best thing to do if you're considering purchasing a new or used vehicle is to get in touch with one of our brokers to have a discussion about what your looking for and your overall situation. During this discussion, we can establish what options will best suit your needs, that will fit within your budget and are worth investing the time in test driving. This streamlines the whole car buying process and saves you spending hours at countless dealerships. Once you have decided on the right car or if you had already prior to contacting us, we will then locate the lowest price from multiple dealerships nationwide. Within 24 hours you will be contacted with an obligation free quote for the vehicle you have requested along with an estimated lead time. In most cases this will be significantly lower than the dealers best price.

    At this point you may place an order with Tasman New Cars who will then secure your new vehicle. Payment for the vehicle is only to be paid for on the day of delivery with the successful dealer.

    All new vehicle orders will be brand new and will be registered into your name as the first owner. If you have a trade in or require finance for your new car, Tasman New Cars will look after you with these services.

    The only difference between buying your vehicle from Tasman New Cars and buying direct through the dealer is the stand out customer experience and most importantly the price. The vehicle will come with the full advertised manufactures warranty.

  • How much does this service cost?

    Tasman New Cars is a free service to the buying client. We are paid a fixed commission by the dealership. This is how we are able to offer this service at no cost to you.

  • Why should I use Tasman New Cars?

    Tasman New Cars simply offers a far better way to purchase a new vehicle. When you use Tasman New Cars you are able to quickly find out the absolute best price for your next vehicle while at the same time removing the uncomfortable process of haggling with a dealer.

    The reality is buying from a dealer can indeed very often become a uncomfortable process that is filled with uncertainties and doubt along with unanswered questions. Is this the right car? Am I getting the best deal? Can I get a better rate? Is this protection they offer worth what they're asking? The list goes on.

    Tasman New Cars was founded with the sole intention of removing the bitter tastes and unpleasant aspects of the whole car buying & selling process. Our goal is to provide a class leading customer service experience from start to finish. Our team has first hand experience of how car dealerships are run and how they are profitable, which is how we ensure you get the very best deal.

  • Where do the vehicles come from?

    All new cars are sourced from the New Zealand domestic market. Any new vehicle that we source will originate and in most cases be handed over at the official franchised dealer.

  • Who can use Tasman New Cars?

    Anyone can use Tasman New Cars. There is no minimum order or restrictions of any kind. Tasman New Cars is a great option for businesses looking for a better way to buy company vehicles or private parties looking to save money on their next vehicle.

  • What about my trade in?

    Tasman New Cars welcomes all trade-ins and will always offer very competitive wholesale prices throughout New Zealand. Alternatively, if you are open to achieving more money for your vehicle you can take advantage of our 'Market on Behalf' service to sell your vehicle or fleet. For more information, click here.

  • Will this service affect my warranty?


  • Do you provide financing?

    We do, in the same way that Tasman New Cars can achieve you the lowest price on your new car in New Zealand. We can also source the most competitive finance and lease options through multiple lenders throughout New Zealand.

  • Do you sell used cars as well?

    Yes, on top of offering you the lowest price on brand new cars. Tasman New Cars can also source cars off the wholesale market and of course our current listing through our 'Market on Behalf' service nationwide.

  • Does Tasman New Cars operate nationwide?

    Yes. Currently we are based in Auckland but our service is nationwide.

  • Is there any obligation if I request a quote?

    No. Our goal is to provide a class leading customer service experience from start to finish. In no way do we see pressure or obligation to be conducive to a class leading customer experience.

  • Can I get a lower price on my own?