Looking to sell your car?

Simply the best way to sell your existing car or fleet is our Market on Behalf service, allowing you to achieve the optimum market value with none of the usual time consuming headaches and at no inconvenience or effective cost to you.

Market on Behalf is the efficient and hassle-free way to sell your vehicle privately through our brokerage. Once we agree upon a net figure for your vehicle, we retail the car slightly higher and make our profit from within that margin. As part of this service you receive the benefit of our nationwide network, years of expertise in the industry and class leading processes all without lifting as much as a finger.

We take the time to do the things that really matter and set your car apart from the rest. We are aware that buyer’s 'buy with their eyes', as such we immediately have your vehicle professionally detailed, photographed and paired with stand out comments prior to launching an effective marketing plan unique to your vehicle. All at no expense to you.

Once we find a buyer, if required we will arrange a time and place with you to pick the vehicle up and take it to be detailed prior to being viewed and test driven.

Our commitment to you is to provide a service that is customer centric in every aspect of the word, to totally remedy the headaches and costs associated with selling your car.

What if my vehicle needs work done prior to sale?

We understand that often the worry in selling your vehicle is the possible reconditioning costs to prepare it for sale. Whether it needs work done to obtain a WOF, that scuff on the bumper that you may have not had time to have repaired, the list goes on. These little things can add up, especially if you don't know where to go for the repairs and what you should be paying. Thankfully at Tasman New Cars, we have access to a range of preferred repairers and industry trade pricing. We know what needs to be done and what doesn't, and if any work is required. We will pass on the trade pricing to you and even cover the cost until the sale is finalised where it will be deducted from the settlement price you receive for the vehicle.

This really does reinforce our core values and upholds our commitment to ensure the process of buying and selling a vehicle with us is a remarkable experience for you!

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