In the market for a new vehicle?

Whether or not it's your first time purchasing a new car, it can often be a daunting experience filled with grey areas, doubt and unanswered questions, such as, “Am I getting the best deal?”, “Is this the right car?”, “Is that a fair price for my trade?”, “What interest rate should I be paying?”

Finding the right car is always a challenge, so work with a dealership you can be confident is going to look after you in the long run, and find you the best deal.

That's where we come in! Armed with years of experience within the industry, our Tasman New Car brokers have a commitment to not only save you dollars but a lot of time too. Our goal is to investigate your situation and requirements, the budget you’re trying to stay within and every other important detail down to your preferred colours. This can all be done via your preferred medium, whether it be phone call, over a coffee, FaceTime or email. Our commitment is to make the entire experience seamless, catered exactly to your wishes and one that you will never forget.

Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we will arrange appointments to test drive the short-listed vehicles with our preferred dealers. You may test drive either at the dealerships or at your home or workplace, and we are careful to create an atmosphere that is free of any sales pressure; our dealers will only provide you with more information to complement your buying experience and allow you to make an informed decision.

Finally, once you have found the perfect vehicle we get to work on sourcing the best package for you. The best package when purchasing a new car isn't always purely about the drive-away price on the new car. It can consist of a finance deal, your trade-in, the availability timeframe of the car and how fast we can get it in your driveway. This is where our years of experience starts to save you money, not only now but in the long run.

What does this all cost?

Absolutely nothing. Tasman New Cars has a preferred dealer network that spans New Zealand. We are paid a fee for referring the sale of the vehicle from the dealer. Our dealers cover every franchise available within the New Zealand new car market, so you can be assured that there is no product bias or any reason for us not to provide you with the most honest, genuine guidance when assisting in the purchase of your next vehicle.

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